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Teeth Replacement

What are dental implants?

Dental implants are the closest thing to real teeth. They can improve your quality of life by allowing you to smile again and to eat foods previously considered off limits, without your denture coming loose or not having enough teeth to chew.

Dental implants are a long-term solution for missing teeth. The implant itself is made from nearly pure titanium that looks like a tooth root. Once the implant is surgically placed into the jawbone, the implant acts as the new tooth “root” and as your bone heals around it and adheres to it, a strong foundation for an artificial tooth or denture is created.


  • Are dental implants for you?
  • Have you lost any teeth from cavities, gum disease, or an accident?
  • Are you unhappy with your dentures?
  • Are you unhappy with your smile or appearance?
  • Do you want to eat your favorite foods again?
  • Are you tired of eating only soft foods?

Visit our office today and have our dentists answers all your questions and take expert care of your dental implant needs . Call us at (714) 826-9000 or schedule online now!


Dental care with implants

Like regular teeth, implants require regular dental checkups and excellent home care. The same care you give your real teeth, daily brushing and flossing are important to keep your new teeth healthy. Your implants can last a lifetime with routine care.

What is the timeline for implants?

The healing period before artificial teeth can be made ranges from 3 weeks to 4 months. If a tooth is removed an implant may be placed in 2 to 4 months.
In some cases, implants may be placed at the same time a tooth is removed. Dr. will discuss this option with you at your consultation, if he determines that you are a good candidate for this procedure.

Although the length of time required for implant placement and healing may seem long, the benefits are worth it.

Some of the benefits of dental implants are:

  • Increased confidence – smile again without embarrassment
  • Eat the foods you’ve been missing
  • Improved appearance – implants look and feel like your real teeth
  • Reliable – with proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime
  • Much more comfortable dentures
  • Prevents bone deterioration that occurs when teeth are missing
  • Implants can improve or replace bridges or dentures
  • Prevents grinding down adjacent teeth (unlike bridges)
  • No popping and clicking
  • Dental implants are natural in look and feel. You may forget you ever lost a tooth!

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