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Immediate Dentures

Immediate dentures are designed to be placed in your mouth immediately after the extraction of your teeth on the same day.



The best advantage in Our office that  Dr. Nizar is Certified Dental Laboratory Science CDT and he has done really thousands of successfully dentures with many years experience in this field.  
There are numerous benefits of using immediate dentures:
- Perhaps the most important advantage of immediate dentures is that you never need to appear in public without any teeth. -Immediate dentures are  of the shape of the tooth you have just extracted and cannot be easily noticed.
-  When the teeth are  extracted the gum at the extraction sites is very sensitive and prone to swelling and  pain . Immediate dentures take care of the irritation which might result from the tongue and food by protecting the gums just after the tooth is extracted and that means less discomfort
- When immediate dentures are inserted, they act as a bandage and help to reduce bleeding.
- Immediate dentures can enable you to establish your speech patterns more easily. You do not have to learn to speak without teeth and then re-learn once dentures are made.
- With immediate dentures you can chew better than you could without teeth during the normal waiting period for conventional dentures.
- If dentures do not replace the natural teeth within a short time, the cheeks tend to fall in.
If you remain without teeth for some time, you may develop oral habits that will interfere with your ability to learn how to use dentures properly.

Immediate dentures require a lot of hard work on the dentist's part. Firstly if you are interested in using immediate dentures just after your tooth extraction, you must mention it beforehand to Dr.Nizar who is going to carry out the extraction. He will have to take the casts of your mouth, which might require several appointments before the extraction. Dr Nizar will send these casts to the lab where they are fabricated to make the immediate denture identical to your tooth that is to be extracted. When the denture is ready, we will call you to
Schedule  appointment  for the extraction and delivering your denture .

Just after the extraction the immediate denture is placed in the mouth and checked for fit. As the gums heal, the denture starts to set into your mouth, and More office visits are required during the first few months, to watch for changes in the gums and in the mouth function.
Because of changes in the tissues after removal of the teeth, immediate dentures usually need to be re-fitted(reline) by Dr.Nizar within several (usually six) months. This involves additional expense. In some cases new dentures must be made.


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