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Smile Makeover

Full mouth reconstruction or rehabilitation can restore all of your teeth and rebuild a natural-looking smile. If you have lost some or all of your teeth due to tooth decay or trauma, injured or fractured teeth, severely worn teeth, or ongoing complaints of your jaw and its positioning, full mouth reconstruction can be what your teeth and jaw need.

Following a comprehensive examination of your teeth and jaw, Our dentists will determine if full mouth rehabilitation is right for you. All aspects of your mouth will be thoroughly examined including your teeth, gums, jaw muscles and joints, and all of the esthetics of your teeth. She will determine the condition your mouth is in and what kind of reconstruction is best for you. You may also have to submit all of your past dental records so the dentist knows your full dental history.

Your full mouth reconstruction will be done in phases and can take up to a year if necessary. If you have a jaw joint disorder, caused by the misalignment of your teeth, your procedure will start with the repositioning of your jaw. Our dentists will run several tests to find out which position is most comfortable for you. An orthotic will be attached to your lower jaw to slowly position it to the right place over time. The orthotic is a clear tool that is virtually invisible and won't be seen by others.


Once your jaw has been repositioned, your teeth might need to be reshaped or realigned. If necessary, each tooth that needs to be redone will be fit with a crown or veneer to raise or lower the jaw in position. This will make your jaw’ss position more comfortable and natural.

Other types of full mouth reconstruction include crown or bridge lengthening, contouring of the gum tissue, reduction of your natural tooth structure, replacing crowns, bridges, or other ceramic restorations, implant placement, braces, or bone and soft tissue grafting.

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