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Children Dentistry

As a family practice, we especially welcome children of all ages. It is very important for young children to get used to visiting the dentist so that they can enjoy  good life long dental health.
The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends visit every six months to the pediatric dentist, beginning at your child’s first birthday.
We regard children as special patients and encourage attendance from an early age. It is well known that the manner in which children are treated by their dentist can have a profound affect on their attitude to dental treatment for the rest of their life.
We try to spend as much time as possible with our younger patients, so that they enjoy their visit to the practice. Forming good dental habits early in life can prevent problems with their teeth in later life.
At California Smile Dental Group we provide comprehensive children’s dentistry. In other words, we do so much more than just cleaning your children’s teeth. We provide a full range of preventive and restorative services and include oral health instruction to help ensure good and long-lasting dental health. We put a great deal of emphasis on making sure your kids are comfortable while they are in our care.

A sealant is a clear or shaded plastic material that is applied to the chewing surfaces (grooves) of the back permanent teeth (premolars and molars). This sealant acts as a barrier to food, plaque and acid, thus protecting the decay-prone areas of the teeth.
Sealants prevent decay but not between the teeth so brushing and flossing are still necessary.
sealants are made of the same type of material that are used for dental white fillings.
The best time to place a sealant on a tooth is shortly after it erupts into the mouth so usually we do sealants at the 6 months recall visit.
Recent studies have shown that sealants last between 5-8 years


Stainless steel crowns
If a cavity is not caught early, the decay can destroy so much of the tooth structure that there is not enough left to support a filling. A stainless steel crown will save the tooth and prevent the risk of pain and infection. This crown is a pre-made cap that has been trimmed and fitted to your child's tooth. These crowns cover the entire portion of the tooth at the gum lines. Stainless steel is a long lasting material in the mouth, and it will serve quite well for the life of the baby (deciduous) teeth. This will keep the tooth and root intact until normal tooth loss occurs.

Stainless steel crowns are used in several circumstances:                                                   

  • Broken teeth that cannot be repaired by normal fillings.
  • Badly decayed teeth where little tooth structure remains.
  • To prevent breakage of a tooth which has had a pulpotomy (partial removal of the nerve)

We usually can place the stainless steel crown in one appointment. We will shape your child's tooth to the necessary form and then trim a stainless steel crown to fit tightly on the tooth. This crown will then be cemented into place. The crowned tooth will usually fall out normally when the permanent tooth is ready to come in.
A deep cavity in your child's baby tooth may go into the nerve (pulp) of the tooth  
In such cases, a pulpotomy is recommended to save the tooth.                                 
A pulpotomy of a baby tooth is similar to, but not as complex as root canal treatment of an adult tooth.
Both procedures prevent unnecessary loss of teeth. Your child's baby teeth are important in guiding the permanent teeth into position and should therefore remain in your child's mouth until they are lost naturally.
A pulpotomy removes part of the nerve (pulp) of a tooth to prevent or treat the formation of an abscess. A medicated filling material is placed in the nerve space and a cap or a filling is then used to restore your child's tooth.
We insist on proper brushing, flossing and avoidance of sweet snacks. Your child should then never again have cavities large enough to require another pulpotomy. To insure this, please be sure you schedule regular checkups every six months.
Space maintainers
If a baby tooth is lost early in life, we may recommend treatment with a space maintainer. This is an appliance that is designed to hold the space of the extracted primary tooth until the permanent tooth erupts into its proper place.
The space maintainer should be used as soon as possible after the loss of the primary tooth due to an accident or decay . Teeth may shift position in a few weeks after the loss of the neighboring tooth. This space maintainer is fixed or cemented into your child's mouth.
Early orthodontics treatment 
what age should my child have an orthodontic evaluation?
The American Association of Orthodontists AAO recommends an orthodontic screening for children by the age of 7 years . At age 7 the teeth and jaws are developed enough so that the dentist or orthodontist can see if there will be any serious bite problems in the future. Most of the time treatment is not necessary at age 7, but it gives the parents and dentist time to watch the development of the patient and decide on the best mode of treatment. When you have time on your side you can plan ahead and prevent the formation of serious problems and complications.


Mouth Guards
When a child begins to participate in recreational activities and organized sports, injuries can occur. A properly fitted mouth guard, or mouth protector, is an important piece of athletic gear that can help protect your child’s smile, and should be used during any activity that could result in a blow to the face or mouth.
Mouth guards help prevent broken teeth, and injuries to the lips, tongue, face or jaw. A properly fitted mouth guard will stay in place while your child is wearing it, making it easy for them to talk and breathe.



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