Night and Sports Guards

Night and Sports Guards

Bruxism (teeth grinding) is the involuntary grinding or clenching of the teeth. It is a subconscious behavior done primarily while one sleeps. Bruxism can generate tremendous force on the teeth causing broken teeth, loosening of fillings and potential loss of tooth enamel.

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 It can cause teeth to become very sensitive to hot and cold foods and liquids. Additional signs of grinding and clenching include sore facial muscles, morning headaches and neck and ear pain. Our office provides custom night guards which cushion between the upper and lower teeth to protect from the effects of bruxism.

Who Needs a Mouth Guard?

Mouth guards should be used by anyone -- both children and adults -- who play contact sports such as football, boxing, soccer, ice hockey, basketball, lacrosse, and field hockey. However, even those participating in non-contact sports (for example, gymnastics) and any recreational activity (for example, skateboarding, mountain biking) that might pose a risk of injury to the mouth would benefit from wearing a protective mouth guard.